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What to Expect

Welcome to Poland Chiropractic! When you come into the office, you’ll be greeted by our receptionist and asked to complete your new patient paperwork. We’ll then give you a brief tour of the office and bring you into an examination room where your detailed case history and examination will begin.

Patient Intake Forms

Being Specific Sets Us Apart

Scans using CoreScore

X-Ray and scans using Insight Technology with CoreScore

The examination usually includes an X-Ray and scans using Insight Technology with CoreScore. We then do a detailed diagnostic test, called Torque Release Technique (TRT) Diagnostic Protocol. This test tells us exactly where you have subluxations and need adjusting. There’s no guesswork nor unnecessary adjusting done at Poland Chiropractic Inc..

We will do an adjustment on your first visit based on these results.

Report of Findings and Further Visits

When you come back for your second visit, we will put together a report of findings for you. At this point, if you are in pain, you’ll know exactly what is causing that pain and how we can fix it.

Usually, patients will see us for a series of visits. We monitor patient progress regularly to ensure their treatment plan is working optimally for them. With the Insight Technology scans, you can see how your nervous system changes throughout treatment.

As health and alignment improve we cut down on the frequency of visits, provided your body is holding adjustments and maintaining function.

More than Just a Pain Relief Clinic

The majority of patients come into the office seeking pain relief. Chiropractors as a whole have gotten a reputation for providing pain relief — and we do, but we also do more. Chiropractors reduce subluxations or nerve interference.

You live your life through your nervous system; when your nervous system isn’t functioning at its best, neither are you. By reducing subluxations, you will move better, adjust to your environment better, and your quality of life will improve!

Start living better today; contact us to schedule an appointment!

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