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Our Techniques

From infants to geriatric patients, athletes to pregnant women, everyone can experience safe and comfortable adjustments at Poland Chiropractic. Our practice is a patient-focused space, where the only standard is excellent care and detailed analysis.

Dr. Dale and Dr. Chelsea are certified in a broad spectrum of techniques so that they can cater to and care for a wide variety of people. We offer

Providing Customized Adjustments

Through their thorough case history and examination Dr. Dale and Dr. Chelsea decide which technique suits each person and the location of their subluxation the best. For example, if someone has an arthritic spine the doctors would usually use Activator®, a gentle, handheld adjusting instrument. Or, if a patient does not like the joint “popping” sound often associated with adjustments, the doctors will use an instrument to adjust.

Experience natural chiropractic care customized to meet your needs! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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